Welcome to my web site

There are four galleries on this web site: landscapes, interiors and figures, abstractions mostly on the theme of musical ensembles, and Don Quixote, Cervantes' eponymous protagonist.

All my paintings have one common aim: my desire to make a picture with a satisfying design which conveys the essence of the subject matter, for example, the way groups of figures or images of the countryside form dynamic patterns.

In France I'm surrounded by the constantly changing patchwork of fields, with forests and farmhouses. The cast shadows constantly move, giving me the impetus to make paintings with the rich textures and patterns I see every day.

I paint chamber music ensembles, largely from the same viewpoint in the audience, but abstracting the image to emphasis the inter-dependence and unity of the group, and I try to capture the character of the music.

Don Quixote offers a rich opportunity to illustrate absurdity.